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North Sea Link – Cable storage turntable

Drammen Yard  has recently successfully signed a contract with Statnett for engineering and delivery of one 8,000 tons capacity storage turntable with handling equipment. The delivery inclusive installation shall be completed by April 1st 2018. This will be one of the biggest onshore storage turntables delivered by Drammen Yard, with an outer diameter on 32,2 meters.

Statnett and National Grid North Sea Link Limited are working together to construct an electricity link between Norway and the UK, North Sea Link (NSL).


In April 2017, Drammen Yard performed a successfully mobilization of a “Drammen-carousel” on board on MS Elektron

image1-002     img_5130

MS Elektron after loading the equipment from Drammen Yard

Spooling and Storage Base central in North Sea Area

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2.600 TE, OD 14 M

3.250 TE, OD 23 M

5.200 TE, OD 23 M

Our 2.000 te Offshore-/2.600 te Onshore Carousel lifted ashore in Rotterdam for long-term rental to one of our Client

March 2017

Drammen Offshore Leasing AB


Spare Cable Carousels
Outdoor and indoor storage

Our carousels allow for operating and keeping multiple baskets with cable loaded at hand for cable repairs and long-term storage, available for immediate use


2.000 tons Offshore Carousel Package for sale or lease


In April 2016 our 1.800 Tons Portable Offshore Cable Carousel system, and our experienced Operators participate in laying cable between The Edvard Grieg platform and Ivar Aasen field in The North Sea. Our client was EMAS Chiyoda Subsea.

The field is located 180 km west of Stavanger, and the first oil was produced in December 2016.
A substantial proportion of the deliveries for the project comes from Norway, and we are proud to have been involved in this project. Here is a picture taken from this operation last April.


Drammen Offshore Leasing AB, the sister company to Drammen Yard AS, signed in September contract with NKT Cables Gmbh for leasing of one Cable carousel from 01.04.2017 to 31.10.2018.

We guess there will be a great demand for our portable carousels during the next years.


Drammen Yard congratulates Siem Offshore with the Siem Aimery.
We have delivered the complete Cable Lay Equipment Package


5.200 Te Carousel for sale, download specification here

Drammen Yard has developed its own skidding system, see  our video illustration here

Agent of Flextrack Cable Haulers