Offshore and onshore carousel equipment

  • Portable equipment, with and without cable loaded
  • Fast mobilization, convert an Offshore Contstucion Vessel (OCV) to a Cable Layer in a day or two
  • All sizes, 100 to 10.000 tons lading capacity, 5 m to 30 m in diameter
  • DNV/GL certified for offshore use
  • Environmental friendly, low noise, few moving parts
  • Easy to operate
  • Equally well suited for permanent installation on board, e.g. carousel foundation integrated into double bottom structure and carousel
  • Installed on tank-top, low center of gravity

Portable Carousels

All arranged for single lift

Liftable with 3,000 tons product on the carousel

Enables you to compete for cable laying contracts with minimum prior experience

Spare Cable Carousels

Our carousels allow for operating and keeping multiple baskets with cable loaded at hand for cable repairs and long-term storage, available for immediate use

Outdoor and indoor storage

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Under deck carousels

Under deck carousel systems installation in newbuilding and existing vessels

The yard provides expertise on how to integrate cable carousels and all necessary handling gear in vessels to be constructed.

When an optimal solution is found, Drammen Yard builds the various components and ships them to the assembly shipyard. Dedicated Drammen Yard personnel make sure it is installed, adjusted and run up for a trouble-free operation.

Summary of our carousels and handling equipment

  • Complete carousel packages for cable loading, marine transit and cable unloading incl. carousel, loading tower, loading arm, loading tensioner, cable guide and operators cabin
  • Complete package for cable laying incl. cable ways, hold-back tensioner and overboard chute
  • Automated systems for control of carousel, spooling/loading arm and tensioners
  • Stowing arm for unmanned cable loading (no personnel in carousel during loading)
  • Specialized equipment for infield cable laying in offshore windmill parks